Wouldn't it be great news if the time of those messy, streaky liquid
foundations had finally passed? Well, good news has arrived! And it has arrived in the form of the latest makeup to take the world by storm--natural
mineral makeup. If you aren't already a firm believer in the superiority of mineral makeup, why aren't you? Is it because you can't quite imagine the appeal of coating your face in finely ground, well...rocks? 

Your hesitation is perfectly understandable, but there's a reason for the soaring popularity of
mineral makeup. This completely natural cosmetic provides the skin with numerous benefits, which we'll examine in detail.
Mineral Makeup Is Natural
Millions of women have now seen the light when it comes to using only natural products on their skin. Mineral makeup is exactly what its name suggests--finely ground and sterilized powder created from minerals given to us by none other than Mother Earth herself!
Mineral makeup is blended from titanium dioxide, zinc dioxide, and a variety of other micronized minerals, including iron. It contains no chemical additives, which have been associated with skin inflammation and irritation. It's also free of the
fragrances, dyes, and talc which find their way
into so much liquid makeup.
For women who see the wisdom of using chemical-free natural makeup and foundation, mineral makeup is a "natural!"

 Mineral Makeup Looks Great
Both the soft texture of mineral makeup, and the natural radiance it imparts to the skin, are two of top reasons behind mineral makeup's popularity. Mineral makeup seldom creates the caked-on appearance which liquid makeup can, and many users report that, because of its incredible lightness, they often forget they are wearing mineral makeup! 

Mineral Makeup Takes Care Of Your Skin
Two of the biggest benefits of using mineral makeup are that, because it is made of completely natural ingredients, it will neither dry your skin nor clog your pores. These qualities make mineral makeup suitable to use on both dry and oily skin!

 Mineral Makeup Is Simple To Apply
One of the biggest positives of mineral makeup is that it's extremely easy to apply, and will create a flawless finish because it doesn't create that tell-tale contrasting line with your natural skin which liquid makeup can. 

Simply dip your application brush into your mineral makeup powder and apply it to your face with circular motions form the "T" zone out.  You can also experiment with different shades of mineral makeup, combining them to match your
skin tone at any time of year. It's the perfect answer if you hate the idea of having to change your makeup as your summer tan deepens or fades!

 Mineral Makeup Provides Long-term Benefits
Because mineral makeup contains no skin irritants, many of its users firmly believe that over time it will prevent their skin from becoming oily or dry. Some users have also reported that mineral makeup seems to help dry out their acne breakouts.
Nearly all brands of mineral makeup also have natural sunblock, with SPF ratings as high as 30! Using mineral makeup will automatically protect your skin from sun exposure, one of the leading causes of premature aging. 

Will it make you look great? You bet! But mineral makeup and mineral
cosmetics will do far more than making you "just another pretty face!"

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