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Asian women have vastly different makeup needs than much of the rest of the world, and women with Asian heritage growing up in non-Asian countries may have a difficult time finding makeup tips that look flattering on them, instead of garish or overdone.

 For the most part, the key is to increase the simplicity of traditional 
makeup techniques. Most Asian women have less room on their eyelids, for instance, to try out complicated eye shadow and eyeliner shading techniques, so the end result is a cluttered mess. Here's how Asian women can play up their best features with makeup suggestions.

Powder and foundation is the first area in which Asian women make a mistake, because many cosmetics not produced in Asia will not have the right underlying color. Most white women have a pink or red undertone to their skin, but most Asian women have a golden base, so no pink-based foundation will ever look right on their skin. You will probably need to use an Asian brand of foundation to get  a color that truly matches - Shiseido is a popular makeup brand available in  North America and Europe.

For eye shadow, you can use normal American or European brands, but don't get anything too glittery or shimmery. You want pretty yet matte jewel tones like ruby red and navy blue, along with a range of taupe and tan eye shadow colors for a subtle day look. Whenever you are applying makeup to your eyelids, stick with one color and use light and dark variations of that color. Caucasian girls 
often wear two or more different colors on their lids, but this look doesn't  work well on most Asian women.

Eyeliner should be a thin, dark line on the upper lids, and that's it. Dark colors on the lower lash line as well can create too many shadows that will make the eyes look small and dark. Careful brush strokes can create the appearance of  a second eyelid fold if one is lacking, but it will take practice and at
least  five minutes in front of the mirror to create a believable shadowed area, and  unless it's a special occasion, it's a step I usually skip.

Finally, apply at least two coats of a thick, jet black mascara to add length and volume to your eyelashes. Most Asian ladies have fine, short eyelashes that are easy to overlook without the help of mascara. Separate out any clumps, then use an eyelash curler to visibly open up your eyes and make your eyes look bigger.

No makeup tip is going to work perfectly for everyone, and I invite you to experiment on yourself when you have some free time to find out which beauty and makeup techniques make you look your very best.
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