Bare Escentuals Makeup
Bare Escentuals has been around for well over a decade with a vast array of products within its line, and has two amazing foundations that are actually good for your skin.

Bare Escentuals is known for being 100% pure, straight from the earth organic. It is gentle to the skin, so gentle, you can even sleep in it. I can attest. I have been using Bare Minerals Foundation Original for over 10 years.

This foundation has actually made my skin more luminous and flawless naturally due to it being chemical free and oil free. My daily routine, is to apply a moisturizer in the morning and then my bare minerals right on top. I don't have to worry about adding an SPF since this foundation has an SPF 15 already in it. Recently the line has come out with Bare Minerals Matte.

The only difference between the two is that the Original has a slight dewy look to it. The Matte, does what is says, it stays matte throughout the day. It is good for people who choose not to have a hint of dewiness to their skin.

They both contain natural SPF 15 and come in a wide variety of shades. It contains no preservatives, or chemicals and is naturally pure, coming straight from the earth. It feels incredible on your skin. It literally is like wearing nothing at all. It is so airy light, and blends seamlessly that there are no lines of 

Both foundations stay put throughout the day, even through rain, workouts, and sweat, giving the most natural glow to your face.

Easy Application
Bare Minerals is silky soft, looks like a very fine powder, but feels like a cream. It comes in a round container and typically is sold in a set with the application brush.

The application is extremely easy. "Swirl, tap, and buff", is the saying. Buffing is the key, and gives the most natural, airbrushed look to your face. It gives the right amount of foundation to your skin as it blends in seamlessly, without settling into fine lines or drying out your skin.

Good for your skin, soften your complexion
On top of Bare Minerals Foundation, you have the option to apply a product called Mineral Veil, which comes in a few options such as tinted, original and SPF.

Mineral Veil is the cherry on the cake to your foundation. It absorbs excess oils and softens your complexion while minimizing lines.

Bare Escentuals, along with their Bare Minerals Foundation line is the #1 selling natural makeup cosmetic line in the world, that most brands now today are trying to copy. They have, and continue to win multiple beauty awards through every major magazine.

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