I've been using mineral make up for 5 years. It wasn't easy to switch from liquid foundation to minerals because I didn't believe I could get the amount of coverage I needed. Being 43 at the time, I thought mineral make up would be  better suited for younger women.

 Well, 5 years have passed and I am proud to say I haven't used liquid or  cream foundation since changing over to mineral make up. Why should I be proud?  Most women do not enjoy applying liquid foundation or any other kind of creamy  make up to their skin because of break outs, irritation, unnatural look,  wrinkles exaggerated, etc. I was free from that dreaded make up ritual!

 Right away, after switching over to mineral make up, I saw a huge difference  in my appearance. I no longer looked like I had on make up, yet my age spots,  dark under eye circles, wrinkles were less noticeable. It took me a few  applications to get the hang of it, but really it's much easier to apply than 
traditional make up.

 Application Suggestions:

 1. I suggest you start out with the basics. Most brands offer kits that you  can customize to fit your needs. Bare Minerals suggest you have 2 foundation  colors, 1 blush and setting powder (Mineral Veil) It's good to add a concealer  (Bisque) if you have age spots or dark circles. To complete the look, you'll  need mineral eyeshadow and mineral eyeliner. Since high school I've used Great lash Mascara, its works well and costs less. Of course, you'll need your  favorite lipstick to complete your fabulous new look.

 2. It's very important to make sure you have the right make up brushes. Bare  Minerals offers high quality brushes at very reasonable prices, especially on  Ebay and Amazon. Without the correct type of make up brush, you won't get the  best results. I use an over all application brush, blush brush, concealer brush, one for eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can buy kits that include all the make up  and brushes we've talked about and that's another tip on saving you money.

3. The application of mineral make up may seem weird at first. Blending is  very important. To begin, shake a small amount of foundation into the jar lid. Swirl your foundation brush around to pick up the make up in the lid, them  tap the brush to remove any excess.

4. Now your ready to begin application. Take your brush and start swirling it all over the face, buffing as you go. You can add more make up to the brush and layer it on, controlling the coverage you need. I like to apply my concealer  after my first pass with the foundation, then I'll apply another swirl of  foundation over my concealer.

5. Blush is easy and fun to apply. Load the blush brush the same way and  swirl it around the cheek area. I like to go over my nose for a hint of color.  You'll be surprised at how smooth the blush goes on. Finish with a setting  powder, like Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil which gives you a nice polish to the  end result.

6. Mineral eye shadows and liners are very different from traditional make  up. Apply your eye shadow, then use the special flat brush to line your eyes  with mineral liner. If you wet the brush, the liner will glide right on.

7. Finish off with your favorite lipstick and mascara and then check out the  pretty lady in the mirror looking fabulously sexy!

Important Tips to Remember:

1. Always clean your brushes regularly, at least every few weeks, to prevent chances for break outs from bacteria. I use my face cleanser which does an excellent job. Put a small amount of cleanser in your palm, wet the brush and swirl the brush around while running cool water to wash away the make up. I use a wash cloth to ring out excess water, then air dry the brushes over night. My Bare Mineral Brushes last for years when cared for properly.

2. Find a high quality affordable cleansing regime, one I love is Serious Skin Care - I'll share about this line of products soon. You need a really good cleanser and a regular exfoliation to reveal fresh clean skin and allow your make up to look its best.

I hope you'll give mineral make up a try and free yourself from liquid foundation like I did. Your skin will love it and you'll get noticed for your beautiful glowing skin! For the majority of us, mineral make up is a wonderful refreshing change to the traditional old way of wearing make up.

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