How to apply bareminerals foundation
Ladies - welcome to one of the newest breakthroughs in the make up foundation department that has come to us in years.

A simple, easy to apply, non messy product that will cover lines with a natural look and has an SPF 15 as well.

Well, knock me down with a feather and burn my cosmetic bag.

Now we can actually sleep an extra 30 minutes before work. Once you get this product figured out you can probably do the foundation, daytime eyes and lips in about 10 minutes. Be prepared to spend longer for evening wear because you know we have to “do it up right” for the nighttime.

Bareminerals foundation can do this.

Can you even imagine your evening purse containing a lipstick, one container and a brush?

Depending on your eye decorations you may need mascara. You could get by with three items for an evening.

If the new lipstick that “won’t come off” works for you don’t even take the lipstick.

You know those nights when you are out late dancing and partying and just don’t feel like cleaning your face properly when you get in at daylight? Now there is a product that you can safely sleep with and remove later.

Bareminerals foundation can do this.

The company promises 100% safety for sensitive skin, including rosacea.

The natural look we all strive for starts with the foundation, with no preservatives, binders or fillers. Finishing the look is the Finishing Veil.

The Bareminerals foundation comes in different color choices and may take a little trial and error in order to find your perfect color. You can mix, touch and blend your way into the right shade to fit your skin tone.

You have to have the right brush for this all to work. The whole system works like 1-2-3. That is Swirl-Tap-Buff.

Step 1-   Swirl…pour some of the product into the cap of the container it comes in. Take the brush and swirl it around in the cap in order to get product on the brush.

Step 2-   Tap…tap the brush on the edge of the cap in order to remove excess product.

Step 3-   Buff…take the brush and apply powder in small circular motions to the areas you want to cover.

Once you get the color you want you should be able to put the product where you feel you need it instead of on your entire facial area.

If you feel you need more coverage do 1-2-3 again.

After you are happy use the Finishing Veil and repeat the same 1-2-3.

This product is a happy new find for all the busy women in the world.

What a wonderful way to get a 10 minute make over in your own home.

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