this was requested by SeleneMoon88 =). my personal experiences & opinions on the 2 mineral foundations. here's a quick list of pros n cons


pro - customizability
pro - wide range of foundation colors, large selection of colors for blushes & eyeshadows
con - wide range of foundation colors (can be a pro or con...ya catch?)
con - no club or auto-delivery membership
pro - weekly discount coupon codes for kit orders
pro - brushes r AWESOME
pro - NO BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE (for those who may be sensitive)
pro - FREE SAMPLE many as you'd like!! ( u just pay shipping)
pro - COST EFFECTIVE (it was worth mentioning twice LOL)
pro - FULL SIZE foundation or finishing dust $12!!


pro - awesome powder quality...more finely milled
pro - starter kit comes with brushes included (EDM not so much)
pro - vip club membership available & auto delivery
pro - FREE GIFTS for club members in almost every renewal shipment
pro - 20% discount for club members on online purchases of their products
pro - weightless feeling on ur skin
con - not a very large selection of foundation colors
con - kind of pricey (more dependent on how frequent ur shipments r)
con - contains BISMUTH OXYCHLORIDE (can irritate sensitive skin)
con - mineral veil contains PARABENs (believed to have links to causing breast hardcore findings) EEP
con - FULL SIZE foundation or mineral veil $25!! ONLY AVAILABLE from sephora, BE stores, BE website....

weigh out the pros and cons for yourself. dispite the cons for bare minerals foundation i do like the convenience and the club discounts. but i DO love both mineral makeups regardless =)

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