If you experience problems with your mineral makeup, these tips will help you get the stunning look you want! Whether you have dry skin, oily skin, acne, or experience other issues, you can look great if you follow these simple tips.

Tips for Your Skin Type:

Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, make sure your skin is adequately moisturized before applying loose minerals to prevent your makeup from becoming flaky. You may also benefit from exfoliating gently at night as well, to remove excess dead skin cells that accumulate with dry skin. Be sure to use skin products formulated for dry skin, too.

Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, applying a layer of mineral veil to your skin under your foundation will give you extra oil absorption and help to keep your face from looking shiny. Be sure you use a gentle cleanser that is not overly drying, which can actually cause your skin to become more oily as it works to combat
dryness and irritation. 

Correcting Skin Imperfections with Loose Minerals

For the best coverage, choose the right concealer for your problem areas. Green concealers will neutralize red blemishes. Yellow concealers will neutralize purple or brown areas such as age spots or under eye circles. Be sure to only use pure mineral makeup that contains no fillers or irritating ingredients, to avoid skin reactions.

How to Solve Common Application Problems

Dry, Flaky Appearance

Minerals can appear dry and flaky because of dry skin or excess oil. Dry skin can cause minerals to flake off with dead skin cells, creating a flaky appearance, while excess oil can cause minerals to cake on the skin, also creating a flaky appearance. Be sure to cleanse and hydrate your skin and allow your moisturizer to dry before applying mineral makeup. Applying too much mineral makeup in a single layer can also cause a flaky appearance. Be sure to build coverage with light layers, a little goes a long way!

Blush or Bronzer Looks Streaky

Streaks are caused by putting too much minerals on the brush. Because mineral makeup is highly pigmented, you only need a small amount, a little goes a long way! The minerals should only appear as a fine dust on your brush before you begin application.

Practice Makes Perfect!

Mineral makeup gives the best coverage of all cosmetics, and the amazing results are well worth the effort of learning how to properly apply loose minerals. Once you have practiced with a few applications, you will be able to apply mineral makeup quickly and easily. 

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Mineral Makeup Tips for Every Skin Type


Wouldn't it be great news if the time of those messy, streaky liquid
foundations had finally passed? Well, good news has arrived! And it has arrived in the form of the latest makeup to take the world by storm--natural
mineral makeup. If you aren't already a firm believer in the superiority of mineral makeup, why aren't you? Is it because you can't quite imagine the appeal of coating your face in finely ground, well...rocks? 

Your hesitation is perfectly understandable, but there's a reason for the soaring popularity of
mineral makeup. This completely natural cosmetic provides the skin with numerous benefits, which we'll examine in detail.
Mineral Makeup Is Natural
Millions of women have now seen the light when it comes to using only natural products on their skin. Mineral makeup is exactly what its name suggests--finely ground and sterilized powder created from minerals given to us by none other than Mother Earth herself!
Mineral makeup is blended from titanium dioxide, zinc dioxide, and a variety of other micronized minerals, including iron. It contains no chemical additives, which have been associated with skin inflammation and irritation. It's also free of the
fragrances, dyes, and talc which find their way
into so much liquid makeup.
For women who see the wisdom of using chemical-free natural makeup and foundation, mineral makeup is a "natural!"

 Mineral Makeup Looks Great
Both the soft texture of mineral makeup, and the natural radiance it imparts to the skin, are two of top reasons behind mineral makeup's popularity. Mineral makeup seldom creates the caked-on appearance which liquid makeup can, and many users report that, because of its incredible lightness, they often forget they are wearing mineral makeup! 

Mineral Makeup Takes Care Of Your Skin
Two of the biggest benefits of using mineral makeup are that, because it is made of completely natural ingredients, it will neither dry your skin nor clog your pores. These qualities make mineral makeup suitable to use on both dry and oily skin!

 Mineral Makeup Is Simple To Apply
One of the biggest positives of mineral makeup is that it's extremely easy to apply, and will create a flawless finish because it doesn't create that tell-tale contrasting line with your natural skin which liquid makeup can. 

Simply dip your application brush into your mineral makeup powder and apply it to your face with circular motions form the "T" zone out.  You can also experiment with different shades of mineral makeup, combining them to match your
skin tone at any time of year. It's the perfect answer if you hate the idea of having to change your makeup as your summer tan deepens or fades!

 Mineral Makeup Provides Long-term Benefits
Because mineral makeup contains no skin irritants, many of its users firmly believe that over time it will prevent their skin from becoming oily or dry. Some users have also reported that mineral makeup seems to help dry out their acne breakouts.
Nearly all brands of mineral makeup also have natural sunblock, with SPF ratings as high as 30! Using mineral makeup will automatically protect your skin from sun exposure, one of the leading causes of premature aging. 

Will it make you look great? You bet! But mineral makeup and mineral
cosmetics will do far more than making you "just another pretty face!"

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Facial Treatments

Due to continuous exposure to pollution, dust particles and harmful sun rays, our skin develops wrinkles, dark spots, black heads, acnes and pigmentation. 

There are many surgical and non surgical skin enhancement treatments available to make your skin look rejuvenated, spotless and youthful.  Amongst the non-surgical category, facial treatments are the most common and popular treatment.

Facials are easily available at beauty salons and spa centres. These are extremely relaxing, rejuvenating and beneficial for the skin. There are many types of facial treatments available, which uses different techniques and facial kits depending on the skin types, desired end results and the maturity if the skin.

There are two basic techniques used for facials: Hands on and Electrotherapy. The 'hands on' technique uses special stimulating hand movements and massage movements, that removes the dead skin from the face, reduces fine lines, stimulates generation of new cells and removes black heads. The electrotherapy electronic hand-held devices are used and no hand movements are used. Both have their own specified advantages and benefits.

Hand-On Facial Treatment:

In these treatments, the therapist or beautician uses her hands for massaging the face. No electronic devices, except a steam machine, are used in this process.

Facial kits used in these treatments, are all oil or cream based. Essential oils, gels or moisturising creams can be used, depending upon the type of skin, maturity of skin and the treatment. Gels are mostly used for oily and acne prone skin and oils or moisturising creams are used for dry to normal and matured skin types.

A clay or mud based face pack is used after the cleansing process and steam process (optional) is over to close the open pores and to provide nutrition to the skin. Sometimes for sensitive skins a peel off face mask is also used. These masks are gently peeled off from the face after they dry up. This peel off mask also works as an uplifting treatment as it tightens the skin.

Electrotherapy Facial treatment:

These treatments use machines, mostly hand held, for facials. There are basically three types of most commonly used electrotherapy treatments, depending upon the skin types.

  1. High Frequency Treatments: Gauze is placed on the face and a glass electrode
      is passed over the face. This treatment is best suited for oily and acne prone 
    skin as it helps in drying out spots and has antibacterial effects. For Dry to 
    normal skin types, indirect frequency treatment is used.

  2. Galvanic Treatments: An active ingredient is introduced deep into the facial
      skin by metal rollers massaging the skin. Suitable for all skin types.

  3. Micro current Treatments: this facial is used for uplifting the facial skin 
    and for enhancing the skin texture and colour.

All the above mentioned facial treatments helps in improving the texture, quality and appearance of the facial skin and imparts you a more youthful and spotless look.

For any help on Facial Treatment, check out the info available online; these  will help you learn to find the skin enhancement treatment!

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Skin Types

The way your skin behaves and reacts determines the type of skin you have. Basic skin types include oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive. The skin on your face is the best guide to classifying your skin type.

An easy way to find out what type of skin you have is to cleanse your face, wait for an hour and then take a tissue and wipe your forehead, nose, cheeks and chin.

If the tissue picks up oily residue from all these areas, you have oily skin; if it picks up oil only from the forehead, nose and chin (T-zone), you have combination skin; if it picks up dry, flaky skin, you have dry skin; and if you do not find oil or flakes, you have normal skin.

No matter what type of skin  you have, cleansing and moisturizing twice a day is an important part of having  healthy, attractive skin. Choose products that are designed for your particular  skin type for maximum results.

Beyond the basic skin types, you may also have sensitive skin. Although sensitive skin is often dry, any type of skin can be sensitive. Sensitive skin is usually thin, delicate, reacts quickly to hot and cold temperatures, is easily subject to sun and wind burns and is prone to allergic reactions. 

Cleansers, detergents, cosmetics, alcohol-based external products and temperature changes can make sensitive skin red, dry, itchy, blotchy and even reveal surface veins. The most favorable type of products to use on your skin are fragrance-free and non-comedogenic (non-pore clogging) with a sunscreen with an SPF of 15 or more.

Before using any product, it is a good idea to test it on the inside of your wrist to see if your skin has any reaction to it. Always choose mild cleansers and use a soft towel on sensitive skin.

Knowing the different skin types, and which one you have, is the first step toward choosing a skin routine that makes you look and feel your very best.

Lastly, for healthy skin make sure you're getting enough essential fatty acids in your diet. The easy way to do this is by taking a supplement such as
Hypercet Omega 3-6-9 In just one softgel, you're getting a  wide spectrum of essential fatty acids that are good for your skin.

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Asian Women Makeup

Asian women have vastly different makeup needs than much of the rest of the world, and women with Asian heritage growing up in non-Asian countries may have a difficult time finding makeup tips that look flattering on them, instead of garish or overdone.

 For the most part, the key is to increase the simplicity of traditional 
makeup techniques. Most Asian women have less room on their eyelids, for instance, to try out complicated eye shadow and eyeliner shading techniques, so the end result is a cluttered mess. Here's how Asian women can play up their best features with makeup suggestions.

Powder and foundation is the first area in which Asian women make a mistake, because many cosmetics not produced in Asia will not have the right underlying color. Most white women have a pink or red undertone to their skin, but most Asian women have a golden base, so no pink-based foundation will ever look right on their skin. You will probably need to use an Asian brand of foundation to get  a color that truly matches - Shiseido is a popular makeup brand available in  North America and Europe.

For eye shadow, you can use normal American or European brands, but don't get anything too glittery or shimmery. You want pretty yet matte jewel tones like ruby red and navy blue, along with a range of taupe and tan eye shadow colors for a subtle day look. Whenever you are applying makeup to your eyelids, stick with one color and use light and dark variations of that color. Caucasian girls 
often wear two or more different colors on their lids, but this look doesn't  work well on most Asian women.

Eyeliner should be a thin, dark line on the upper lids, and that's it. Dark colors on the lower lash line as well can create too many shadows that will make the eyes look small and dark. Careful brush strokes can create the appearance of  a second eyelid fold if one is lacking, but it will take practice and at
least  five minutes in front of the mirror to create a believable shadowed area, and  unless it's a special occasion, it's a step I usually skip.

Finally, apply at least two coats of a thick, jet black mascara to add length and volume to your eyelashes. Most Asian ladies have fine, short eyelashes that are easy to overlook without the help of mascara. Separate out any clumps, then use an eyelash curler to visibly open up your eyes and make your eyes look bigger.

No makeup tip is going to work perfectly for everyone, and I invite you to experiment on yourself when you have some free time to find out which beauty and makeup techniques make you look your very best.
For more
Asian bridal makeup tips, check out my website, Asian Makeup Online!

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Makeup for Black Women

It used to be really difficult to find foundation for black women that made  the skin look flawless and completely natural. These days things have  changed for the better and there is a great range of foundation makeup products that are suitable for black skin tones. 

Lots of different companies are offering make up for black women at a very competitive rate so that you will be able to find good quality cosmetics to suit your budget. 

If you are happy to give mineral foundation products a try, then you need to know how to apply it to the skin properly so that you end up with a flawless complexion. Make up for black women can be notorious for the funny shades  that
can result in poorly blended powders. However, if you choose wisely  you can end up with a perfect result.

Some people may find that it is a little difficult to deal with a powder foundation. They may not be used to it and think that powder equals a lot  of mess and drama. However if you give it a chance, you may be pleasantly surprised at how quickly you will learn how to use this type of  product. 

The first step to choosing the right foundation is to understand and correctly identify your skin type and skin tone. You may find that one foundation product is too dark and another is too light. It is quite common  to invest in two products and to blend them together in order to achieve the  right
balance for your skin. This is definitely not a waste of money  because you are getting the right base color so that the rest of your make will  look smooth and natural.

Find out more about
foundation for black women if you are searching for the  perfect makeup tips for black women.

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Mineral Makeup

Makeup created from natural minerals is the newest fad these days, but this is something that has been around for a while. The ancient men and women were the first ones to use natural colors as adornment on their faces and bodies.

Now that the methods of production are more advanced, makeup started becoming unnatural and filled with chemicals, some of which are even carcinogenic.  Mineral makeup is an effort to return to the natural ingredients, using minerals that occur on the earth. These are ground into powders and are used as base for the cosmetics.

There are many companies that have their own lines of mineral makeup: BareMinerals, Sephora, Jane Iredale, and many more. They each have their own specially formulated base but the composition is almost the same for all thesebrands. They sell for different prices depending on the label they are sold 
under. You can read Bare Minerals reviews as well as reviews of other mineral makeup brands online.

All mineral makeups have the same base for the most part; they differ in the pigments, dyes, and extra minerals added in them. A lot of people are making the switch to mineral makeup because they are becoming more aware of the hazards of chemicals. This kind of makeup is a great change from the carcinogens that we take in on a daily basis.

The trend these days is towards being more healthy and avoiding products that harm our bodies and even our environments. This explains why makeup from minerals is becoming such a hit. If you ask dermatologists whether this kind of makeup is better than the traditional ones, they will tell you that even they themselves are using this. This is something that should give you confidence if you are weighing whether to make the switch or not.

The mineral makeup revolution supposedly happened in the mid 1970s. Producers started making cosmetics from minerals coming solely from the earth. They did not use any of the preservatives, dyes, and chemicals that most cosmetics come  with. Thirty years after, the mineral makeup market started to boom.

There are plenty of forms and brands that sell mineral makeup. Usually the prices are between $10 and $50. The most-purchased kinds are blushes and foundations. There are also other types of makeup such as Revlon Super Lustrous lipstick and other lip gloss types.

But some people say that just because something is natural does not mean that it is always better. As with anything else, the opinions on mineral makeup vary.  You, as the consumer, should take time to research about it and decide on your  own whether to make the change or not.

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Mineral Makeup for Acne
Mineral makeup is all the rage for acne prone skin, as well 
as for people with rosacea or other skin conditions. That is in addition to people who just have normal skin who want to have a natural look.

With so many  companies coming out with so-called "mineral makeup", how can you choose which one is best for you?

First, know that companies can call their product a mineral makeup even if there are synthetic ingredients in it. There are no set regulations and when a product says that it contains pure minerals, it may also contain things like bismuth oxychloride (a known skin irritant), parabens or other binding agents. However, if an ingredient is last on the list on the label it may be included in such a small quantity that it does not irritate your skin. That will depend on how sensitive your skin is. Do not be drawn into buying a brand simply because it is cheaper or well-known. Read the labels carefully. Usually, the less ingredients a product has, the less potential there is that there will be one that will aggravate your acne.

When you go to buy mineral makeup, use the following guidelines to help you evaluate the different product lines:

1. Natural sunscreen (titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide)

2. No bismuth oxychloride (many drugstore brands contain this and it can irritate your skin and cause cystic acne)

3. No fragrances

4. Pure minerals (except bismuth)

5. Lots of color options for mineral foundation makeup to match your skin tone

6. Oil control options (for example, finishing powders like a mineral veil)

7. Hydrating options (just make sure they are non-comedogenic)

8. Mineral concealers

9. Blush, bronzer, and other mineral makeup options to complete your look

10. Good, natural bristle and synthetic brushes (different shapes and sizes for different applications)

 Some mineral makeup lines do contain a few individual items with irritating ingredients, even if their foundation is safe. For example, an illuminating veil may contain mica, which can catch in pores and irritate some people's skin. I have also found mineral makeup lines in which all products are safe except for one or two. You can not be complacent and trust that every item in a product line is safe for you. Read every label.

While everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to each brand, I have found the Bare
Escentuals bareMinerals line to be the best in combining quality and value. If you are not familiar with it, it is also often referred to as bare essentials or bare minerals. The quality is excellent in terms of application, finish, and ingredients. The price is also reasonable compared to other high quality brands. In addition, they have a full line of colors, finishing powders, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, eyeliners, brow colors, skin care, and many more. If you have never used mineral makeup before, start with a Get Started Kit. Even if you do not use every item in the kit, it is a terrific value compared to buying the individual items. If you are very oily and sensitive, go for their new bareMinerals MATTE foundation along with the kit. It is still a great value.

If you have acne prone skin and have had trouble finding makeup that gives you good coverage without irritating your skin, give mineral makeup a try. If something is that popular, it is usually because it works.

You can read a complete review of Bare Escentuals bareMinerals mineral makeup at
Best Mineral Makeup

Another useful article to read is Mineral Makeup and Acne

Sharyn Sheldon is a corporate learning consultant and mother of three teenagers who has battled acne most of her life. As a makeup lover, she is always on the lookout for great makeup that will not only conceal acne, but achieve any look desired without aggravating acne further.

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Bare Escentuals Makeup
Bare Escentuals has been around for well over a decade with a vast array of products within its line, and has two amazing foundations that are actually good for your skin.

Bare Escentuals is known for being 100% pure, straight from the earth organic. It is gentle to the skin, so gentle, you can even sleep in it. I can attest. I have been using Bare Minerals Foundation Original for over 10 years.

This foundation has actually made my skin more luminous and flawless naturally due to it being chemical free and oil free. My daily routine, is to apply a moisturizer in the morning and then my bare minerals right on top. I don't have to worry about adding an SPF since this foundation has an SPF 15 already in it. Recently the line has come out with Bare Minerals Matte.

The only difference between the two is that the Original has a slight dewy look to it. The Matte, does what is says, it stays matte throughout the day. It is good for people who choose not to have a hint of dewiness to their skin.

They both contain natural SPF 15 and come in a wide variety of shades. It contains no preservatives, or chemicals and is naturally pure, coming straight from the earth. It feels incredible on your skin. It literally is like wearing nothing at all. It is so airy light, and blends seamlessly that there are no lines of 

Both foundations stay put throughout the day, even through rain, workouts, and sweat, giving the most natural glow to your face.

Easy Application
Bare Minerals is silky soft, looks like a very fine powder, but feels like a cream. It comes in a round container and typically is sold in a set with the application brush.

The application is extremely easy. "Swirl, tap, and buff", is the saying. Buffing is the key, and gives the most natural, airbrushed look to your face. It gives the right amount of foundation to your skin as it blends in seamlessly, without settling into fine lines or drying out your skin.

Good for your skin, soften your complexion
On top of Bare Minerals Foundation, you have the option to apply a product called Mineral Veil, which comes in a few options such as tinted, original and SPF.

Mineral Veil is the cherry on the cake to your foundation. It absorbs excess oils and softens your complexion while minimizing lines.

Bare Escentuals, along with their Bare Minerals Foundation line is the #1 selling natural makeup cosmetic line in the world, that most brands now today are trying to copy. They have, and continue to win multiple beauty awards through every major magazine.

Kim has been studying multiple brands of cosmetic and beauty products for over 10 years. Being a mom herself, she is also constantly educating herself on the latest baby trends.

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Natural Beauty

Natural beauty - let's see who makes it!

Going green has never been sexier-or easier-thanks to the growing number of cosmetics manufacturers dedicated to producing quality products made with non-toxic ingredients. As an added bonus, many of these products have never been tested on animals (aka, "cruelty-free"), which proves that you can be socially  responsible and drop-dead gorgeous at the same time.

Not sure which brand is your perfect fit? Here are five of our favorites:

 1. Stript. Gina Austin founded Stript cosmetics to give discerning customers the "eco-sexy" option they crave. Stript products for the eyes, face, and lips skip the parabens, artificial oils, and fragrances in favor of all-natural, vegan ingredients, such as marine botanicals, green tea, and micro-fiber cotton 
with specially milled mica that diffuses light and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. For beautiful lips, try the Stript Lipstick Liner pencil in sheer peach (Holly) or pink (Clover).

 2. bareMinerals. Bare Escentuals CEO Leslie Blodgett pioneered the bareMinerals line of natural cosmetics in 1995 with the idea that "less is more" when it comes to ingredients. The complete line of products-including the popular Original SPF 15 Foundation-gives you all of the protection and coverage you need without the preservatives and chemicals you don't.

3. neuLash. Eyelashes are subject to all sorts of stressors-not to mention the aging process-that can damage their structure over time. Enter neuLash, an eyelash enhancer made from essential proteins and vitamins that work together to bring you healthier and fuller-looking eyelashes in just 30 days. The best news?  The serum is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

 4. Sara Happ. Self-described "beauty junkie" Sara Happ took to her kitchen in 2005 to concoct the perfect solution for soft and supple lips using natural ingredients like cocoa powder, jojoba-seed oil, and grape-seed oil. Thus, the ip scrub was born, and it is now available in a variety of luscious flavors 
such as cocoa, peppermint, and vanilla bean. For the finishing touch, try the lip slip, a paraben-free hydrating gloss that gives your pout the perfect finish and shine.

 5. Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. With her background in film and television, Jane Iredale, founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, was inspired to develop a cosmetics line that not only provides perfect coverage but is also healthy for the skin. The complete collection is cruelty-free, anti-inflammatory, and paraben- and talc-free-making it a safe option for those with sensitive skin or conditions like acne or rosacea. For a flawless, sunkissed glow this spring, try Dream Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer.

Ann H. Carlson is an expert beauty writer for Beauty Collection, one of the top beauty retailers in the world (Women's Wear Daily, March 2009). Beauty Collection carries over 200 prestige beauty brands like
Moroccan Oil, and Keratin Complex. It showcases all beauty categories including  skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, hair tools, and more.

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