Mineral Makeup for Acne
Mineral makeup is all the rage for acne prone skin, as well 
as for people with rosacea or other skin conditions. That is in addition to people who just have normal skin who want to have a natural look.

With so many  companies coming out with so-called "mineral makeup", how can you choose which one is best for you?

First, know that companies can call their product a mineral makeup even if there are synthetic ingredients in it. There are no set regulations and when a product says that it contains pure minerals, it may also contain things like bismuth oxychloride (a known skin irritant), parabens or other binding agents. However, if an ingredient is last on the list on the label it may be included in such a small quantity that it does not irritate your skin. That will depend on how sensitive your skin is. Do not be drawn into buying a brand simply because it is cheaper or well-known. Read the labels carefully. Usually, the less ingredients a product has, the less potential there is that there will be one that will aggravate your acne.

When you go to buy mineral makeup, use the following guidelines to help you evaluate the different product lines:

1. Natural sunscreen (titanium dioxide and/or zinc oxide)

2. No bismuth oxychloride (many drugstore brands contain this and it can irritate your skin and cause cystic acne)

3. No fragrances

4. Pure minerals (except bismuth)

5. Lots of color options for mineral foundation makeup to match your skin tone

6. Oil control options (for example, finishing powders like a mineral veil)

7. Hydrating options (just make sure they are non-comedogenic)

8. Mineral concealers

9. Blush, bronzer, and other mineral makeup options to complete your look

10. Good, natural bristle and synthetic brushes (different shapes and sizes for different applications)

 Some mineral makeup lines do contain a few individual items with irritating ingredients, even if their foundation is safe. For example, an illuminating veil may contain mica, which can catch in pores and irritate some people's skin. I have also found mineral makeup lines in which all products are safe except for one or two. You can not be complacent and trust that every item in a product line is safe for you. Read every label.

While everyone's skin is different and reacts differently to each brand, I have found the Bare
Escentuals bareMinerals line to be the best in combining quality and value. If you are not familiar with it, it is also often referred to as bare essentials or bare minerals. The quality is excellent in terms of application, finish, and ingredients. The price is also reasonable compared to other high quality brands. In addition, they have a full line of colors, finishing powders, eye shadows, blushes, bronzers, lipsticks, eyeliners, brow colors, skin care, and many more. If you have never used mineral makeup before, start with a Get Started Kit. Even if you do not use every item in the kit, it is a terrific value compared to buying the individual items. If you are very oily and sensitive, go for their new bareMinerals MATTE foundation along with the kit. It is still a great value.

If you have acne prone skin and have had trouble finding makeup that gives you good coverage without irritating your skin, give mineral makeup a try. If something is that popular, it is usually because it works.

You can read a complete review of Bare Escentuals bareMinerals mineral makeup at
Best Mineral Makeup

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Sharyn Sheldon is a corporate learning consultant and mother of three teenagers who has battled acne most of her life. As a makeup lover, she is always on the lookout for great makeup that will not only conceal acne, but achieve any look desired without aggravating acne further.

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Natural Beauty

Natural beauty - let's see who makes it!

Going green has never been sexier-or easier-thanks to the growing number of cosmetics manufacturers dedicated to producing quality products made with non-toxic ingredients. As an added bonus, many of these products have never been tested on animals (aka, "cruelty-free"), which proves that you can be socially  responsible and drop-dead gorgeous at the same time.

Not sure which brand is your perfect fit? Here are five of our favorites:

 1. Stript. Gina Austin founded Stript cosmetics to give discerning customers the "eco-sexy" option they crave. Stript products for the eyes, face, and lips skip the parabens, artificial oils, and fragrances in favor of all-natural, vegan ingredients, such as marine botanicals, green tea, and micro-fiber cotton 
with specially milled mica that diffuses light and diminishes the look of fine lines and wrinkles. For beautiful lips, try the Stript Lipstick Liner pencil in sheer peach (Holly) or pink (Clover).

 2. bareMinerals. Bare Escentuals CEO Leslie Blodgett pioneered the bareMinerals line of natural cosmetics in 1995 with the idea that "less is more" when it comes to ingredients. The complete line of products-including the popular Original SPF 15 Foundation-gives you all of the protection and coverage you need without the preservatives and chemicals you don't.

3. neuLash. Eyelashes are subject to all sorts of stressors-not to mention the aging process-that can damage their structure over time. Enter neuLash, an eyelash enhancer made from essential proteins and vitamins that work together to bring you healthier and fuller-looking eyelashes in just 30 days. The best news?  The serum is paraben-free, fragrance-free, and cruelty-free.

 4. Sara Happ. Self-described "beauty junkie" Sara Happ took to her kitchen in 2005 to concoct the perfect solution for soft and supple lips using natural ingredients like cocoa powder, jojoba-seed oil, and grape-seed oil. Thus, the ip scrub was born, and it is now available in a variety of luscious flavors 
such as cocoa, peppermint, and vanilla bean. For the finishing touch, try the lip slip, a paraben-free hydrating gloss that gives your pout the perfect finish and shine.

 5. Iredale Mineral Cosmetics. With her background in film and television, Jane Iredale, founder of Iredale Mineral Cosmetics, was inspired to develop a cosmetics line that not only provides perfect coverage but is also healthy for the skin. The complete collection is cruelty-free, anti-inflammatory, and paraben- and talc-free-making it a safe option for those with sensitive skin or conditions like acne or rosacea. For a flawless, sunkissed glow this spring, try Dream Tint SPF 15 tinted moisturizer.

Ann H. Carlson is an expert beauty writer for Beauty Collection, one of the top beauty retailers in the world (Women's Wear Daily, March 2009). Beauty Collection carries over 200 prestige beauty brands like
Moroccan Oil, and Keratin Complex. It showcases all beauty categories including  skin care, hair care, makeup, fragrance, hair tools, and more.

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Many women spend years looking for the perfect makeup that they love and want to stick with. Going through different lines and different types of makeup to find what is best for you can be exhausting and very expensive. The amount of makeup I have personally thrown in the trash over the years is disappointing to say the least. A certain brand of makeup can work beautifully for a friend but when you give it a try it's a horrible mess. I want to introduce you to the  makeup I finally found that worked for me and hopefully it will work for you as  well.

Everyone needs a few extra minutes

Let's face it, every women wants to look her best with the least amount of effort and time. The ritual of applying makeup and styling your hair every morning before heading off to work can be very tiring. So when I first tried bareMinerals makeup and discovered how quickly I could get my makeup on I was 
thrilled to say the least. One step in my morning ritual was literally cut in half time wise.

What about the coverage?

I love the coverage bareMinerals makeup provides. If you are in a big hurry and just want to get a little something on your face for color and a small bit of coverage, it's possible to do that in just a few minutes. The beauty of the bareMinerals makeup line is the layering technique. You can have a little or you can add layers of foundation and other products to give your face different looks. It's all up to you how you apply this special makeup line.

What's so special about it?

In short, it's actually good for your skin. The bareMinerals makeup line consists of 100% pure minerals. There are no preservatives, fillers or binders of any kind. The proprietary formula that Bare Escentuals uses in their products are made from the highest quality minerals found in the earth. Bare Minerals 
takes care of your skin by using high quality ingredients that contain no chemicals and the products actually work with your skin giving you a makeup that is all natural.

But wait - there's more

Another hidden bonus of this makeup is that you can use the products interchangeably. A few examples for you:

Dip your lip color into one of the eye colors for a different look.

Add a little blush to an eye color or foundation.

Mix eye colors and create your own shade. Mix as many as you like.

An eye color or blush to dark? Add a little foundation to tone it down.

Your only limit is your imagination as to what you can do with this makeup line. Be as creative as you want and create as many colors as you want.

If you are still looking for the perfect makeup I encourage you to try the bareMinerals line. It has truly turned out to be the perfect makeup for me. Bare Escentuals always has a few starter kits available so you can experience the product for a small amount of money and find out if it's a good fit for you.

Find out more about
Bare Minerals Makeup and see if it may be right for you. Kathy  Bradford writes meaningful articles to help ladies understand more about the Minerals Makeup line and how it can be helpful to  them.

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In our modern day and age, becoming more beautiful has become a very important pursuit. You can now see some new and improved cosmetics line, or miracle cream everywhere you turn. Our society has many people who are obsessed with the way they look. I find it sad that the human image has almost surpassed the importance of the human intellect in our present society.

Now, I'm not against the practice of taking good care of the way we look. I'm just trying to say that we should also give attention to the care of our mind. Anyway, maintaining an appealing appearance is important because so much can depend on it. Anything from a job interview, to relationships with the opposite sex, to how others treat you on the street depends on how you look.

Women wear makeup as part of maintaining a pleasing appearance. Wearing makeup gives them a wonderful feeling of security and confidence in their beauty. Of course, it is important that they find the right makeup. If you are trying to find your ideal blush and powder, then you should give Bare Minerals 
makeup a try.

There is a good chance that you have heard of Bare Minerals makeup because this cosmetic line has been around for some years now. These products are typically found in many drug or superstores. These products run a great deal cheaper than most high-end cosmetic lines and get the job done just as well.

The presence of makeup girls are the only aspect that I can never fathom about cosmetic lines. You can usually see them standing with a big cheesy grin on their face, just waiting for you to approach their counter. I've always found it humorous, yet odd that they often wear too much makeup.

My wife explained that they cake it on in order to show off what they sell. I'm not sure that I agree with this because most men are looking for a lady that looks great with little to no makeup. My wife always uses a combination of Bare Minerals makeup and Lancome skin care products. Since her complexion was always flawless, this seemed to work ideally for her. I still appreciate the fact that she doesn't cake on the foundation and powder when she uses Bare Mineral makeup.

Do you want to purchase Bare Minerals makeup? It can be difficult to find ideal cosmetics that actually work like they're supposed to these days. You can surely find products that can work wonders for our appearance by hoping online and checking out all that Bare Minerals makeup has to offer right now!

 Morgan Hamilton offers expert advice and great tips regarding all aspects concerning Bare Minerals Makeup [http://www.brightbeautytips.com/beauty-tips/beauty-tips/a-review-of-bare-minerals-makeup.html]. Visit our site for more helpful information about Bare Minerals Makeup 
[http://www.brightbeautytips.com] and other similar topics.

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I've been using mineral make up for 5 years. It wasn't easy to switch from liquid foundation to minerals because I didn't believe I could get the amount of coverage I needed. Being 43 at the time, I thought mineral make up would be  better suited for younger women.

 Well, 5 years have passed and I am proud to say I haven't used liquid or  cream foundation since changing over to mineral make up. Why should I be proud?  Most women do not enjoy applying liquid foundation or any other kind of creamy  make up to their skin because of break outs, irritation, unnatural look,  wrinkles exaggerated, etc. I was free from that dreaded make up ritual!

 Right away, after switching over to mineral make up, I saw a huge difference  in my appearance. I no longer looked like I had on make up, yet my age spots,  dark under eye circles, wrinkles were less noticeable. It took me a few  applications to get the hang of it, but really it's much easier to apply than 
traditional make up.

 Application Suggestions:

 1. I suggest you start out with the basics. Most brands offer kits that you  can customize to fit your needs. Bare Minerals suggest you have 2 foundation  colors, 1 blush and setting powder (Mineral Veil) It's good to add a concealer  (Bisque) if you have age spots or dark circles. To complete the look, you'll  need mineral eyeshadow and mineral eyeliner. Since high school I've used Great lash Mascara, its works well and costs less. Of course, you'll need your  favorite lipstick to complete your fabulous new look.

 2. It's very important to make sure you have the right make up brushes. Bare  Minerals offers high quality brushes at very reasonable prices, especially on  Ebay and Amazon. Without the correct type of make up brush, you won't get the  best results. I use an over all application brush, blush brush, concealer brush, one for eyeshadow and eyeliner. You can buy kits that include all the make up  and brushes we've talked about and that's another tip on saving you money.

3. The application of mineral make up may seem weird at first. Blending is  very important. To begin, shake a small amount of foundation into the jar lid. Swirl your foundation brush around to pick up the make up in the lid, them  tap the brush to remove any excess.

4. Now your ready to begin application. Take your brush and start swirling it all over the face, buffing as you go. You can add more make up to the brush and layer it on, controlling the coverage you need. I like to apply my concealer  after my first pass with the foundation, then I'll apply another swirl of  foundation over my concealer.

5. Blush is easy and fun to apply. Load the blush brush the same way and  swirl it around the cheek area. I like to go over my nose for a hint of color.  You'll be surprised at how smooth the blush goes on. Finish with a setting  powder, like Bare Minerals, Mineral Veil which gives you a nice polish to the  end result.

6. Mineral eye shadows and liners are very different from traditional make  up. Apply your eye shadow, then use the special flat brush to line your eyes  with mineral liner. If you wet the brush, the liner will glide right on.

7. Finish off with your favorite lipstick and mascara and then check out the  pretty lady in the mirror looking fabulously sexy!

Important Tips to Remember:

1. Always clean your brushes regularly, at least every few weeks, to prevent chances for break outs from bacteria. I use my face cleanser which does an excellent job. Put a small amount of cleanser in your palm, wet the brush and swirl the brush around while running cool water to wash away the make up. I use a wash cloth to ring out excess water, then air dry the brushes over night. My Bare Mineral Brushes last for years when cared for properly.

2. Find a high quality affordable cleansing regime, one I love is Serious Skin Care - I'll share about this line of products soon. You need a really good cleanser and a regular exfoliation to reveal fresh clean skin and allow your make up to look its best.

I hope you'll give mineral make up a try and free yourself from liquid foundation like I did. Your skin will love it and you'll get noticed for your beautiful glowing skin! For the majority of us, mineral make up is a wonderful refreshing change to the traditional old way of wearing make up.

I love researching products for the highest quality at the lowest prices and passing on my reviews to others.Here you can buy Bare Minerals for up to 60% off:

Source: http://EzineArticles.com/1925105

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Here is an honest review about certain mineral brands. Hope you enjoy!


Have you tried the Bare Minerals in Original? I'm the same shade, Medium Tan, but I use the Original formula, and I find it to be a lot more natural looking, compared to the Matte formula which makes you look more 'flat'. I have oily/combination skin too but like you said before, if you have a great primer that controls your oil, the Original formula is great, and doesn't make me look powdery.

i use sheer cover and i love it!! my skin has many imperfections and this stuff makes it look great!! my pictures have came out so soft!! and i like that there is no spf... but i do use the be tinted mineral veil to even out the color... i dont like BE makeup because the colors r too yellow or golden and its pricey for wat u get. i think sgeer cover has gotten lost

i am Mac NC42 shade. even i have very very oily skin.i have open pores. can you please let me know which products should i use for my skin. after seeing your video, am planning to buy Mac oil control lotion Mac skin refined zone treatment ,Mac select coverup , Mac Lip conditioner Hydrant . But Mac skin refined zone treatment is not available in bombay. So, can you please let me know what to buy and in which order to be applied.     

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ID Bare Minerals - Bare escentuals,  Never again will I use a liquid foundation!!!  The coverage iis literally flawless!

I have used bare minerals for a yr and its the best as far as im concerned ! but if u wana try something cheaper with more or a variety in colors try everyday minerals its second best and comparable!

 im 18 and i love this product and ive never felt anything like it its amazing! well i DO recommend this for you because its really healthy for your skin and minimizes pores and since your younger you need a healthy product than a heavy one. :) i wish i had these when i was 15.

ya totally it looks so natural but you still get 100% coverage, im 13 and i used to wear drugstore brand foundations and one i started using bare minerals ( i got the starter kit its such a good deal) and my acne was almost gone and i got no breakouts whatsoever i just got the occasional pimple.

this is ntotally awesome, i discovered this make-up over the internet, and after watching the video, i bought it. my skin used to be full of pustules and papules, but since using this i very very rarely get any breakouts, if i do get a hormonal breakout, i wear my mineral make-up over the top, they are covered and healing. i have recommended this make-up to so many people, i wish i had shares in it LOL!!!!! the best.

I live in the US and started using this same package(60dollars). I will never ever go back to liquid. This makeup is so light it never feels like its melting or anything. It never makes my face look cakey...never breaks my face
out...I cant say enough good things about this makeup.

I've tried every foundation out there from channel to wet n wild & none of it ever worked the way I wanted I was hesitant to try BE but ever since I started using it my face has cleared up & I get compliments on our flawless my sin looks even thou I'm still trying to conque the warmth ( I tend to use to much)

I've been a Bare Minerals girl for a few years now, and I decided to just use my foundation when I ran out of this stuff. BIG MISTAKE. I broke out like crazy, so I went to the store and got myself Bare Minerals again. It's amazing, I love it!

I luv this stuff! But now I just use it under my eyes and use everyday minerals as my foundation

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100% pure crushed mineral makeup.
The mineral makeup, i.d. bareMinerals, is made from five crushed minerals,
including a natural sunblock and natural pigments from iron oxides.

Discover how safe and easy it is to use i.d. bareMinerals with tips from a makeup artist in
this free video on cosmetics.

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This is how to clean Bareminerals  brushes, so that they won't shed excessively, or become too rough!

1:grab your well-cared for brush cleaner

2:turn your sink water to lukewarm

3:put about a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand

4:grab two brushes big or small and start rubbing onto shampoo

5: rub your brushes w/cleaner in a circular motion
6:proceed with the rest of your brushes steps 2-5

7: pinch brush under water until the foam,bubbles,makeup etc...is out of the brush and the water runs

8: IMPORTANT! leave the brushes pinched on the counter, with the brush handle, bristles of brush off the counter to air dry 

9: leave overnight, then in the morning flush your brushes - they are as good as new!

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Products used:

*Smashbox photo finish bronzing primer
*Smashbox photo op under eye brightener
*Maybelline superstay concealer in medium (for blemishes)
*Ben Nye cover all wheel (under eyes)
*BE foundation in light (under eyes and around nose only)
*Smashbox Halo in medium
*Smashbox suntan matte bronzer
*Benefit brow zings in dark
*Too Faced shadow insurance
*BE e/s in soul
*BE e/s in bali
*BE e/s in fashionista
*BE e/s in citrus twist
*BE e/s in onyx
*BE flawless definition mascara in black
*Mac fix +
*UD 24/7 in zero
*BE a little sun
*BE joyous jennifer blush
*BE warmth
*BE sienna lipliner
*BE roxanne buxom lip color

Brushes used:

-Smashbox #19 face & body brush
-BE llght stroke brush
-BE angled blush brush
-BE fan brush
-Studio Gear blush brush
-Japonesque medium fluff
-Paula Dorf crease
-Image Essentials crease
-Studio M crease and smudger brushes
-BE eyeliner brush
-Mac 252
-Mac 217
-Benefit hard angle

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