Free Makeup Samples
For the multitude of women out there who are always searching for different foundations, blushes and eye “snazzers” check into the idea of free samples online.

The cosmetics industry is a multi million dollar business and they are always inventing new and improved products.

Stay on longer, lengthen your lashes, waterproof and the list of improvements goes on and on.

I am really waiting for the mascara that actually applies some kind of vitamin that makes your lashes really grow instead of just looking longer.

With our current economy being so tight these days, it motivates manufacturers to send out free makeup samples so you will try their product. There is lots of competition, Bareminerals, Cover Girl, Maybelline, Loreal come to mind.

Now with Bare Minerals Foundation  coming along it adds to the already overflowing industry.

I think, though, this is one of the newest concepts that I have seen for a long time.

Most of the new and improved products seem to me to have one added ingredient and sell for a bit more than the old one which, funnily enough, was new and improved several years ago.

Bare Minerals foundation promises coverage, ease of application and a natural look.

It is amazing how much money is spent year after year trying to get the natural look. When I was young it was “less is more”, now it is the “natural look”.

What we are looking for is make up that looks like it isn’t  make up at all. We want coverage for fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes without our faces looking like we put something on it to make this miracle happen.

Bare Minerals is supposed to achieve this.

Free makeup samples come in many sizes and shapes. Sometimes when you buy a product you get a small sample size for free. You can find coupons in the newspaper. You can get samples from the internet, and best of all you can get samples from live people in the stores.

I actually know someone who collects samples of these products and puts them together in baskets for fund raising events. She gets a couple things from the dollar store to finish it off and donates them for the raffles. Most of the winners are really happy with the items.

In conclusion, free is good.

Whether to keep or to give away in this day and age it is always good to try new products and if you can do this for no cost it is all the better. Expand your horizons, try something new.

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