This is how to clean Bareminerals  brushes, so that they won't shed excessively, or become too rough!

1:grab your well-cared for brush cleaner

2:turn your sink water to lukewarm

3:put about a quarter size amount in the palm of your hand

4:grab two brushes big or small and start rubbing onto shampoo

5: rub your brushes w/cleaner in a circular motion
6:proceed with the rest of your brushes steps 2-5

7: pinch brush under water until the foam,bubbles,makeup out of the brush and the water runs

8: IMPORTANT! leave the brushes pinched on the counter, with the brush handle, bristles of brush off the counter to air dry 

9: leave overnight, then in the morning flush your brushes - they are as good as new!

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5/31/2012 06:41:44 am

Great info, thanks


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