ID Bare Minerals - Bare escentuals,  Never again will I use a liquid foundation!!!  The coverage iis literally flawless!

I have used bare minerals for a yr and its the best as far as im concerned ! but if u wana try something cheaper with more or a variety in colors try everyday minerals its second best and comparable!

 im 18 and i love this product and ive never felt anything like it its amazing! well i DO recommend this for you because its really healthy for your skin and minimizes pores and since your younger you need a healthy product than a heavy one. :) i wish i had these when i was 15.

ya totally it looks so natural but you still get 100% coverage, im 13 and i used to wear drugstore brand foundations and one i started using bare minerals ( i got the starter kit its such a good deal) and my acne was almost gone and i got no breakouts whatsoever i just got the occasional pimple.

this is ntotally awesome, i discovered this make-up over the internet, and after watching the video, i bought it. my skin used to be full of pustules and papules, but since using this i very very rarely get any breakouts, if i do get a hormonal breakout, i wear my mineral make-up over the top, they are covered and healing. i have recommended this make-up to so many people, i wish i had shares in it LOL!!!!! the best.

I live in the US and started using this same package(60dollars). I will never ever go back to liquid. This makeup is so light it never feels like its melting or anything. It never makes my face look cakey...never breaks my face
out...I cant say enough good things about this makeup.

I've tried every foundation out there from channel to wet n wild & none of it ever worked the way I wanted I was hesitant to try BE but ever since I started using it my face has cleared up & I get compliments on our flawless my sin looks even thou I'm still trying to conque the warmth ( I tend to use to much)

I've been a Bare Minerals girl for a few years now, and I decided to just use my foundation when I ran out of this stuff. BIG MISTAKE. I broke out like crazy, so I went to the store and got myself Bare Minerals again. It's amazing, I love it!

I luv this stuff! But now I just use it under my eyes and use everyday minerals as my foundation

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